Saturday, March 5, 2011

UltraSurf for Smart Bro Users

Posted by vonne at 6:17 PM
Tutorial for beginners who want to have Internet Access for FREE. Let's start right away!

Steps.- Configuring Network Settings -
  1. First download UltraSurf here and then extract.
  2. Open the Modem Software and then Click Settings.

  3. Click Network Settings
  4. Next, Click Config File
  5. Then Select ADD
  6. Follow Screenshots (the format) and Click OK
  7. After that, Select the Profile you created and click SET DEFAULT
    After Configuring Network Settings, Click the internet (the Purple Circle Icon), then Click Connect.
    - Configuring UltraSurf -  
1. Open UltraSurf then Click Option
2.  Just follow Screenshots.Click Proxy Settings

 2. Select Manual Proxy Setting and then input the Proxy Host and Proxy Port as what you've seen below.

3. After configuring Proxy setting, click OK then OK
-Then wait for it to connect-

- Configuring the Browser [FIREFOX] - 
1. Click TOOLS then Click Options

2. Click Advanced > Network > Settings
3. Then Just Follow this FORMAT.
    That's it guys! Happy Free Browsing! More to Come! Now you Know Why you don't need NOT to Subscribe Here! Thanks and Godbless! Come Again!


        Anonymous said...

        hindi rin ito gumagana

        vonne said...

        New update here Ultrasurf 10.16 - July 2011

        palaboy™ said...

        my smartbro internet connection is really bad... especially whenever after the last typhoon...

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