Monday, June 27, 2011

Improvised Antenna for Improved Performance of USB MODEMS

Posted by vonne at 11:08 PM
First and foremost we need to extend our USB Cable using UTP Cable so that we could place our improvised antenna in an open area, maybe in windows, or just anywhere that you could be sure that it won't be stolen.

How to Extend your USB cable using Utp Cable

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Green wire from usb(D-) --> connect it with the green wire of utp.

2. White wire from usb(D+) -->
connect it with the white/green of utp.

3. Red (+5V) from usb -->
connect it with the orange + white/orange of utp.

4. Lastly, Black(GND) -->
connect it with the brown + white/brown of utp.

  Blue + white/blue are left so you can either cut it or leave it for future reference.

You should only make 8 meters and below of Utp cable to have the best result, tried and tested by my colleagues.
Use only 1.5 meters USB extension when using it on laptops. It is not advisable to use in laptops when exceeds 1.5meters due to insufficient power supply. The laptop might not recognized the Tattoo Modem.. Good Luck!

Our professor helped us compute the focal point of my Improvised Parabolic Dish to maximize its signal gain using this formula.

Focus = X^2 / 4Y

x= 1/2 of the Diameter of the parabolic dish
y = the height of the parabola from the center point


Speedtest as of 6/23/2011
( Because I don't have laptop at home, we tested it in my friend's house)

Click the Image for Larger View
Click the Image for Larger View
Professor Alfie de Guzman Jr.
 Mr. Jommel C. Flores
Mr. Clarence L. Manalo

Thanks Guys!




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