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Lets go straight to the point.
  • No account creation needed
  • No registration
  • No limit
  • No restriction
  • No other boss but YOU!
  • Its 101% Free and Unlimited!
  • Working for Globe and Smart 
  • 1-click Connect
  • No need to buy Premium Accounts cause of its rocket like performance when it comes to speed!
All you need to do is read and follow the steps to be a Hotspot Shield VPN User!

The installation or the setup of Hotspot Shield VPN is very simple and easy.

Lets begin.

Using Globe sim w/ 0 balance
Access Point Name                        :
Access number                               : *99#
Authentication Protocol Settings      : PAP

Using Smart sim w/ at least 2php balance(not smart bro sim)
Access Point Name                         : internet
Access Number                               : *99#
Authentication Protocol Settings       : PAP or CHAP

For the Profile name of SMART/GLOBE , anything would do.

Hotspot Shield always resolves to 7 addresses, choosing one by random everytime you connect.

Download this, after that disconnect from the internet. Then extract the file, then go to the folder named "HotSpot_Shield_Adapter" then double click "addtap.bat". Wait until it is finished.
Note 1:
The addtap.bat is used for you to install TAP-HSS adapter of Hotspot Shield for this to run in OpenVPN.

Run Hotspot Shield(.exe) if prompt for "Install required virtual blah blah" click YES, wait until installed.

Note 1: For windows vista/7,  run as admin.
Note 2:
Be sure that you successfully installed the 2 TAP adapter for Hotspot Shield(TAP-HSS Afapter) and for Openvpn(TAP-Win32 adapter)

Connect your dashboard and connect also Hotspot. Wait until it says your connected! Enjoy Browsing!

Reminder 1: 
If you are connected but cannot browse,follow these steps,
  1. Download this file then run "FLUSHDNS.bat" then try browsing again.
Follow this flow.. disconnect-reconnect broadband > disconnect-reconnect Hotspot Shield(.exe) > run FLUSHDNS.bat > try to browse again 


disconnect-reconnect dashboard> run FLUSHDNS.bat > then reconnect Hotspot Shield(.exe) > try to browse again

Why do I see ads?
Hotspot Shield is a free, ad-supported product. In order to provide users with a free service, we show advertisement from our partners. Once you disconnect from Hotspot Shield, you will no longer see advertisement from our partners.

Reminder 2: Use Adblock to prevent Ads for better browsing 
For chrome
For Firefox
For Internet Explorer version IE7, IE8 and IE9
For Safari
For Opera




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