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Hack Your Phone in Just a Minute

Posted by vonne at 3:05 AM
Are you fed up with signing applications to install them on your phone? Maybe you want to use some modifications to make your mobile cool. The thing is that the original Nokia firmwares don't allow you to modify or tweak your device. But now you don't have to worry about this. You don't have to flash or sign applications to perk it up. There's a new hacking method which takes your one minute to gain full access over your device. Even wide-eyed mobile owners can make this out by performing step by step instructions below. Just one-two clicks and your phone is fully hacked!


What do you get from hacking your phone?

¤ You will be able to install any unsigned applications
(if compatible)!
¤ You will be able to tweak your phone in many ways which is unavailable without hacking (You need a little knowledge for this!)
¤ You will have full access to your phone's protected areas.
¤ And many more...
¤ Note: Those who are hesitating to hack their devices need to know that hacking the phone does not harm it! All the services offered by Nokia are available after hacking the device.

1. (For newbies!!! If you already got your certificate and know how to sign applications, leave the steps 1-3) Make sure you have your own certificate which you can't perform hack without. For obtaining your .cer and .key files, do this:

Fully working on wifi. try also for your magic IP's and much if in Default Connection by your Net Provider

Get Your Signing Certificate ( .cer and .key) within 3 minutes using XStevedore

No need to Register Anywhere. No need to submit your IMEI. Just Install The Application and Follow the Steps. This post gives you a step by step description to Get your own .cer and .key file using XStevedore with the help of screen shots. The things you must have:
1. A Nokia Symbian Phone with Internet
2. XStevedore Signed.sisx -

XStevedore is a Chinese application so you can't read so i am added the screen shots follow the screen shots well.

Lets Start The Procedure
1. Download and install XStevedore.sisx

2. Open The Application (Click the red highlighted icon)

3.Now you will get a screen like below. Goto the last item"Settings"(red highlighted) click it.
 4. It will Prompt a warning Click Left (red highlighted)
5. It will open a window with 3 options like below.
 1. Connection - Click on it and select the gprs connection or Wi-Fi. (use ur connection)

2. Download Path - Click on it and select E:\ (MMC)

3. No need to click the 3rd option Click Back

6. Now it will go back to the first window like we opened before goto the second last one"Signature "(red highlighted one) and click on it
7. It will Prompt a warning Click Left (red highlighted)
 8. Now you will get a window like below

9. Click Options -- second one -- again second one (Download) likethe picture below (red highlighted)
 10. After loading it will prompt you to select memory ,select MMC press OK and enter the name (default name is "Mycer"). press OK.

After downloading You will get a window like below.

You are done it..!!! Click Back and Exit the Application. Now Check For Folder "MyCert" in your MMC vial File browser. You will get the folder with two files "MyCert.cer" and"MyCert.key".

If Any One Feels its Difficult Click Here

To Get The Alternate method which works for every one.

Note: use these files to sign applications. Paste it to your freesigner folder and select it as your default cert and key. If you d0nt have freesigner,
Download XStevedore here.

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Anonymous said...

I tried the instructions to a T and the phone shows that when you click option 2 and then option 2 it thinks for a minute and then shows ! mark so it is not working for me do you have any Ideas

vonne said...

T?please clarify that for me to be able to point out whats the problem.


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