Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tun.ko Repository

Posted by vonne at 2:20 AM
Feedbacks regarding the modules are more than welcome.
Feel free to post tun.ko modules. Remember to include detailed info about it.
(Phone/model, OS version and kernel version)

This file is a requirement for Openvpn.
The following modules are for STOCK KERNELS only unless specified by a corresponding alpha-numeric kernel version.
(kernel - g92oikj1)
you may still try if it works on your device though.
Openvpn will not work if the module is incompatible with your kernel

Check if your kernel has a preloaded tun module before you post your request

Type the following on your terminal emulator in lower case (I just used capital letters to avoid confusion):
If the command returns an error, then your kernel doesn't have a preloaded tun module.

*To anyone who will be requesting me to create tun.ko, attach your config.gz here.

using Root Explorer:
1) navigate to /proc folder
2) copy the config.gz file to your sdcard
3) connect your phone or your sdcard to your pc
4) move the config.gz file to your pc
5) extract the contents of config.gz and place them in a zip file (DO NOT ZIP the config.gz file directly)
6) attach the zipped file here.

using adb
1) enable usb debugging on your phone (settings -> applications -> development)
2) connect your phone to your pc and fire up adb
3) type adb pull /proc/config.gz
4) extract the contents of config.gz and place them in a zip file (DO NOT ZIP the config.gz file directly)
5) attach the zipped file here.

follow this format when posting here:
a) Phone Model
b) android version (settings -> about phone ->)
c) kernel version (settings -> about phone ->)
d) attached file
Cherry Mobile Nova (Commtiva Z71) froyo 2.2, kernel

HTC Desire froyo 2.2 stock kernel OTA
HTC Desire froyo 2.2, kernel (OTA) --- needs feedback
HTC Desire froyo 2.2, kernel -g1fc4045
HTC Desire froyo 2.2, kernel
HTC Desire froyo 2.2, kernel
HTC Desire froyo 2.2, kernel
HTC Desire Z froyo 2.2, kernel -g9ab3677
HTC Desire Z froyo 2.2, kernel -gd2764ed
HTC Legend froyo 2.2, kernel 2.6.3217-g30929af
HTC Desire HD froyo 2.2, Kernel Version
HTC Desire S GB 2.3.3,

Huawei Ideos u8150 Fusionideos Custom ROM froyo 2.2

LG Optimus 2x Modaco Custom ROM froyo 2.2 --- needs testing for stock O2X
LG GT540 MMXTREME Custom ROM eclair 2.1
LG Optimus One p500 FrancoKernel gingerbread 2.3.4

Motorola Cliq froyo 2.2
Motorola Defy eclair 2.1 stock v1 --- needs feedback
Motorola Defy eclair 2.1 stock v2 --- needs feedback
Motorola Defy eclair 2.1 stock v3 --- confirmed working
Motorola Defy froyo 2.2, kernel
Motorola Milestone eclair 2.1
Motorola Milestone froyo, kernel --- needs feedback
Motorola FlipOut / Charm stock eclair 2.1

Galaxy 3 i5800 eclair 2.1, kernel 2.6.29
Galaxy 3 i5800 froyo 2.2, kernel --- needs feedback
Galaxy 3 i5800 froyo 2.2, kernel
Galaxy 5 i5503 (for Motafoca roms)
Galaxy i7500
Galaxy Ace S5830 froyo 2.2
Galaxy Ace S5830 gingerbread kernel
Galaxy Mini S5570 froyo 2.2
Galaxy Mini S5570 gingerbread kernel
Samsung Galaxy 551 / i5510 froyo 2.2
Galaxy S i9000 froyo 2.2 kernel
Galaxy SL i9003 froyo 2.2 kernel
Galaxy Tab kernel
Galaxy Fit s5670 gingerbread 2.3.4 kernel

Sony Ericsson
Xperia x10 donut 1.6
Xperia x10 Kernel 2.6.29 Firmware 2.0.2.A.0.24
Xperia x10 Kernel 2.6.29 Firmware 2.0.A.0.504
Xperia x10 use with leofrester tut
Xperia x10 mini & minipro Kernel 2.6.29 fw 2.1.1.A.0.6
Xperia x8 Kernel 2.6.29
Xperia x8 Kernel 2.6.29, fw 2.0.1.A.0.47
Xperia Arc kernel

ZTE Blade eclair_2.1 Kernel 2.6.29
ZTE Blade froyo_2.2 kernel 2.6.32

Units with preloaded tun.ko
Cherry Mobile Orbit/Gigabyte GSmart G1310 | Android Version = 2.2.2 | Kernel Version =
Samsung GALAXY Pro | Android version = 2.2.2 | Kernel version =
HTC T-mobile myTouch 3G | Android version = 2.2.1 | Kernel version = 


GiageJoe said...

Are you still generating tun.ko files? I have a Coby 7022 and I'd love to get a tun.ko for it. I have the config contents for you but unfortunately I don't see how to attach the file.

GiageJoe said...

The Coby 7022 uses the kernel and I have heard that it has been published at the Telechips website.

iLag1337 said...

I have stock 2.2 ROM on my Huawei Ideos U8150, can I use the one for Fusionideos? I tried looking at the /proc folder for config.gz, but it seems that the file is empty (0.00KB), do I need to do some steps before actually copy the file out?

Anonymous said...

Hi GiageJoe,

I was about to use the precompiled file for my Samsung Galaxy Fit when I saw that it has different kernel version (mine is 6.35.7-perf-CL665927, but the existing tun.ko file is for CL260612). Could you compile for my kernel version? I am forever grateful.

Phone details:

Model: Samung Galaxy Fit s5670
Android version: 2.3.6
Kernel version: 6.35.7-perf-CL665927 se.infra@SEP-51 #1
Config file can be found here:

Sorry, I can't figure out how to attach it to the comment.

Many thanks for your assistance. I can be reached out directly via

vonne said...

@all,give me some time to create your tun ko files. Please follow the request format for clarity sake. and your config files, just post the download link.
@boklanio,i'm having a hard time downloading your config file, please upload it to some other file hosting sites.

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vonne,

I am so glad to see your response. I uploaded the config file to another location:

Thank you so much for your continued help.

laurencew said...


Could you please compile one for me as well. I have uploded the zip file to!125

Model : HTC Flyer
Android Version : 2.3.4
Kernel Version:

vonne said...

@laurencew,copy.just give me sometime to work on your request. and for the rest,please bear with me for i have a very hectic schedule in school.thanks!guys dont forget to subscribe.

Anonymous said...

I subscribed. Take your time :)

Asad said...

@GiageJoe, can u pls tell me where u get 2.3.6 update for galaxy fit s5670

janslow said...

Hi, can you compile a tun.ko file for me please?

Model: HTC Desire S
Android: 2.3.3

Many thanks for your help,

JVrana said...

Hello, I would like to download one of the precompiled tun.ko files (namely Xperia x10 mini & minipro Kernel 2.6.29 fw 2.1.1.A.0.6), but the file in the link is password protected. Can you plese provide the password or do I have to send you all the specifications?
Thank you very much for the help.


Ben said...

Hi ,

I really would love to use openVPN with my phone but can't ind precompiled tun.ko

Phone details:

Model: HTC Buzz/Wildfire
(build number FRG83D)
Android version: 2.2.1
Kernel version:
Config file can be found here:

Thansk for helping me...

darklord said...


Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy Mini GTS5570 build number (GINGERBREAD.DDKQ7)
android version: (2.3.6)
kernel version: (
config file:

when done, please email me handy.darklord[at]gmail[dot]com

Antonio65 said...

Phone model: Huawei Ideos
Android version: 2.2
Kernel version: huawei@server-1 #1
config file:

I want to use tun.ko with Cisco AnyConnect


modmetal said...

sir i think you got the tun module that im looking for right here i just cant unlock it. would you be kind enough to share me the password.

thanks a lot

pedrotarantado said...

Phone model: Gigabyte GSmart G1345
Android version: 2.3.4
Kernel version: #5
config file:

pls help...

please email @

i really nead your help

Hokson1 said...

Hi, can you compile a tun.ko file for me please?

Phone model: HTC sensation z710e
Android version: 2.3.5
Kernel version :
Config file:

Thanks for your help.


driouchb said...

a) Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
b) Android 2.3.3
c) Kernel Version :

autre : Numero de Version : GINGERBREAD.XWKPY

a.a.okhrimenko said...

a)LG Optimus Link P698
b)Android 2.3.4

cooldude75ph said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cooldude75ph said...

a) LG Optimus Dual Sim P698
b) 2.3.4 (via Tun.ko Installer ->
c) (via Tun.ko Installer ->

Paulo Neiva said...

Phone model: LG P698f
Android version: 2.3.4
Kernel version:
config file:

Blogger said...

Need a tuntap driver for AnyConnect for this device:
a) HTC Legend
b) 4.0.4
zeubea@cpe3 #17
CyanogenMod 9 unofficial


Juned Riandi said...

a) Nexian NX-A891
b) 2.2.2

Manoj VJ said...

Hope you are still building tun modules. My Micromax A100 is listed in DroidVPN database, but its not installing with tun.ko installer. My phone need a tun module. Details of my phone are;

Model: Micromax A100
Android version: 4.0.4
Kernel version: 3.0.8-perf
Build no: Micromax_A100_V1.0 location:

Please email me for any further information or when the module will ready at

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Manoj V J

Alexandr Donets said...

Hi. I realy need your help with tun.ko module.
I need use my tablet for work with mail using cisco vpn

I have 3Q q-pad QS0716D tablet.

My tablet has android 4.0.3 and kernel 3.0.8-perf
255|app_102@android:/ # cat /proc/version
Linux version 3.0.8-perf (zhengqz@ubuntu10) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #2 PREEMPT Mon Aug 6 17:43:21 CST 2012

My email:


Alexandr Donets said...

attached file

Hossein p said...

thanks for your help

Model: Marshal ME-700A
Android version: 4.0.3
Kernel version: 3.0.8-tcc location:

raimundo said...

Modelo: samsung mni gt-S 5570 L
Android versión: 2.3.4
Versión Kernel:

iMiKE said...

Phone: Highscreen Jet Duo
Android: 2.3.4

Виктор Солодский said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Виктор Солодский said...

I want to use tun.ko with Cisco AnyConnect
a) LG Optimus Dual Sim P698
b) 2.3.4

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