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Posted by vonne at 2:57 AM

Lets go straight to the point.
  • No account creation needed
  • No registration
  • No limit
  • No restriction
  • No other boss but YOU!
  • Its 101% Free and Unlimited!
  • Working for Globe and Smart 
  • 1-click Connect
  • No need to buy Premium Accounts cause of its rocket like performance when it comes to speed! 
  • Brother of HotSpot Shield

For HotSpot Shield users, you can download the config of ExpatShield then add it on the Hotspot Shield OpenVpn Portable but if you want to have it together with the icon of Expat Shield, download also the OpenVpn Portable for Expat Shield.
Step 1
Using globe sim w/ 0 balance,
APN                                            :
Access number                             : *99#
Authentication Protocol Settings    : PAP

Using smart sim w/ at least 2php balance(not smart bro sim)
APN                                             : internet
Access Number                             : *99#
Authentication Protocol Settings     : PAP or CHAP

Step 2
Download Expat Shield_Adapter.rar extract it, execute "addtap_hss_adapter", wait until successful.
Note 1: If your a HSS user you dont need to install TAP-HSS Adapter again.

Note 2: TAP-HSS Adapter is important in order to make EXS work in openvpn application, TAP-HSS Adapter is different from TAP-Win32 Adapter of openvpn application.

Note 3: if you are using windows vista/7 right click run as admin or right click then properties and change compatibility mode into XP mode.

Step 3
Download this also and extract it(after you've finished downloading this, it is important to disconnect from the internet), double click Expat Shield(.exe) if prompt for "Install required virtual blah blah" click YES, connect from the internet now, then connect hotspot shield too, wait until you get connected, BROWSE and ENJOY! (1.33 MB - FOR GLOBE) (1.33 MB - FOR SMART)
For Smart users download this updated TCP config

Step 4
For manual configs of 8 servers download below.
8 servers config GLOBE.rar
8 servers config SMART.rar

Reminder 1: 
If you are connected but cannot browse,follow these steps,

  1. Download this file then run "FLUSHDNS.bat" then try browsing again.
Follow this flow.. disconnect-reconnect broadband > disconnect-reconnect Hotspot Shield(.exe) > run FLUSHDNS.bat > try to browse again 


disconnect-reconnect dashboard> run FLUSHDNS.bat > then reconnect Hotspot Shield(.exe) > try to browse again

Why do I see ads?
Hotspot Shield is a free, ad-supported product. In order to provide users with a free service, we show advertisement from our partners. Once you disconnect from Hotspot Shield, you will no longer see advertisement from our partners.

Reminder 2: Use Adblock to prevent Ads for better browsing 
For chrome
For Firefox
For Internet Explorer version IE7, IE8 and IE9
For Safari
For Opera


Official Expat Shield Signature


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