Sunday, August 14, 2011

SoftVPN - Another Free VPN

Posted by vonne at 9:30 PM

SoftPhone VPN

Free OPENVPN Service to unblock  VOIP softphone, web phone and usb phone100% Free VPN for VOIP Desktop CallsAbsolutely FREE VPN to bypass ISP blocks and unblock broadband phone calls from computer

Service Highlights

  • Absolutely FREE Service
  • QoS Guaranteed VPN
  • Dedicated VPN Bandwidth
  • Best-in-Class Network
  • Small Latency, Low Jitter
  • UDP based SSL Socket
  • Support All Brand Softphone
  • Support All VOIP Web Phones
  • Support All USB VOIP Phone
  • Support SIP/H323/IAX Dialers
  • Industry Strong Encryption
  • Work in Windows Mac Linux
  • 100% No Virus, No Adware

100% FREE VPN that Unblocks Desktop VOIP Calls for SoftPhone, Web Phone & USB Phone!

Are you frequently travelling to Dubai UAE, or you are living in Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, but always have problem to make VOIP or Skype calls from your computer's VOIP dialers? Are you looking for a no cost VPN service that unblocks Voice Over IP phone calls for you? OK, now you come to the right web site for all your need! We unblock VOIP desktop calls for you, for FREE!

How to setup Free SoftPhone VPN Account in Desktop Computers

It's simple! Download the Free VPN Client software for the Operation System you use and load the VPN configuration files into your computer. If you have the SSL VPN compatible WRT serial routers or iPhone/Android Smartphones, just apply the VPN settings to the device to get VPN connection up.
  • For Windows, download OpenVPN client software from openvpn-2.1.4-install.exe

    For Windows XP or Vista, install it as regular windows application;
    For Windows 7, set to Vista compatible mode.

  • Once OpenVPN client is installed, please download our Free OpenVPN configuration file, it includes certificate, key and ovpn setting files, unzip the files into OpenVPN configuration folder (in Windows it could be "C:Program FilesOpenVPNconfig"), then right click OpenVPN icon and click "Connect" to start the VPN connection.

Notes about the free VPN connections for VOIP

  • To maintain a very high quality VPN connection and share VPN bandwidth to users who really need, after SoftPhoneVPN session is established, users need access our web site to activate the free connection for 60 minutes. When 60 minutes period is expiring, users need access our web site again to renew the connection for another 60 minutes. For convenience, you can bookmark this page in your mobile device browser.

  • We guarantee 256kbit/s dedicated upload/download bandwidth for each free SoftPhone VPN session. this ensues a very smooth Skype or Vonage Softphone broadband phone call experience with very high voice conversation quality.



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