Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tricks on how to get cert. key on OPDA (FREE)

Posted by vonne at 9:20 PM
Anyway here I am again to explain you each and every step in applying and getting your certificate and key file with simple steps.

Note:- The following procedure tells you how to apply for the OPDA certificate and key and we are not providing any service to apply for your certificate and key. So don’t post a comment requesting us to apply for your certificate.


Step 1:-go to

click on Register at top right to register.

Step 2:-A registration form will open. Fill in the particulars as indicated above.

Step 3:-After the registration, wait for few moments, login form appears, you need to login again.
Login again.

Step 4:-Here you need to apply for the certificate and key file. click on the Apply cer button

Step 5:-Fill the form carefully. In the phone number field fill it with 13 or 15 or 18 followed by any 9 digits.

Step 6:- Wait for sometime (Waiting time depends on the number fo certificate requests they have , it may vary). Check for the certificate and key file with this link MY CERTIFICATE AND KEY. If they have developed your certificate and key files you can get them from the above link as shown below. Download the certificate and key.

Note: Avoid donating to the opda site. If u want to get the certificate and key from this website without paying ,change the language to Chinese in that website and then login and download. It will be downloaded without you going to the donate page.


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