Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Clean your Computer Properly

Posted by vonne at 9:21 PM
Computers have moving parts such as fans on their CPU’s, Power Supplies, Video Cards and in some cases, on the case itself. Each fan is important for the smooth operation of the computer because they keep the system cool. Should Dust, Cigarette Smoke (which forms a paste when in contact with dust) or Pet Hair clog up one of these fans and prevent it from spinning, can cause those parts of the computer to overheat and become damaged.

Before all else begins, power down or shutdown your PC and remove all power cables. Ensure too that we remove all cables from peripheral devices. As a rule of thumb, it is prerogative that we label all cords, cables and devices properly either with a masking tape or labeling sticker so as to ensure we never forget to put them back into place during re-assembly of our unit. For precaution, make yourself properly grounded using a wrist grounding strap before opening the PC case. Place all the screws in a secured place so you will avoid losing it.

Once the dust has settled, reassemble the case, re-attach all devices and you are all done.


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