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Posted by vonne at 9:17 PM
In this tutorial I'll show you how to do remote upload from Rapidshare (in further text RS) to Megaupload (MU)

What will you need:
RS Premium Account 
MU Premium account (if you are remoting from RS to MU, will be explained in detail) 

So, lets get started.


What will you need for this:

RS Premium
MU Premium
Firefox Browser

1. Login to RS with your Premium Account information. In Account Settings make sure that Direct Downloads option is enabled.

2. Copy and paste this link javascript:alert(document.cookie) to the URL bar and hit Enter. Some random code will pop up in format like this: enc=sdlk0934zdfhj34blablabla. Right click on it and select all and paste into Notepad or any other text editor.


let me explain why you need MU Premium Account for remote upload from RS to MU to work. Well, it's pretty simple. MU doesn't allow their free users to use remote upload function, so you need to buy Premium Account from there.

Now that we have cleared that up, lets continue. Login onto MU with your MU Premium Account information.

On the main page tick the Advanced button and box will expand like on picture.
Now click on HTTP /FTP file fetching. See how it says in bracket premium only?

Or simply go to Multi Fetch link directly:

Go to Cookie Manager and input details like shown below.

In domain name type

In cookie name type


In cookie value

paste that long string of letters and numbers that you pasted in Notepad few minutes ago (enc=sdlk0934zdfhj34blablabla)

All is set now.

Upload your files to RS like this:

Go back to main Multi Fetch window on MU:

and paste your RS link there:

And wait mere 30 seconds for remote upload to be complete:

There you have it, simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Remote upload on MU just says "Pending", what do to?
A: Sometimes MU is really slow regarding remote upload, so you will have to wait for a couple of minutes and then again refresh your browser. It helps to logout and then login to your account too.

Q: Remote upload can't be started. What to do?
A: Most probably you didn't follow instructions on how to setup RS cookie in MU settings. Go back and re-do those steps.

NOTE: Always be sure that you have enough traffic on your RS account, otherwise remote upload won't start, even if you have setup everything correctly.


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