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Blink|Legacy C6 v40_52.0.007 & 52.0.101--> Pre-Release

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Blink|Legacy NEW C6v41 | C6 v40_52.0.007 & 52.0.101--> November 04, 2011

Blink|Legacy C6 v40_52.0.007 & 52.0.101--> October 13, 2011 Pre-Release 
by devilbats17 

Special thanks to Symbianize, DM and PNHT Modders

Feel, Experience, Extend the use of Touch

CFW Name: Blink|Legacy
Model : Nokia 5800
Supported RM's : RM-356 (v52)
Base Firmware : C6 v40.0.021
Language : English Only


October 13, 2011

Used iPhone style Fonts and Numbers (mod by me)
Music Volume set to 60% ( me also) 
Symbian Belle Navibar - Bugless Update (special thanks to j0mar,Furcom,Badvlad, babu and the rest of the gang) 
New Super HD icons -includes some changes on application icons also (mod by me)
Changed icons on mediabar (thanks to me - to be change for next release  )
Notification icon color set to blue (mod by devilbats17  )
Default date set to October 17, 2011 (preferred date to release sana  )
No "Message:" label on composing text message (thanks to drakulaboy of DM)
Shutdown and Restart symbols still retained (thanks to fontcreator - mod by me)
Added option in left selection Options key on homescreen (thanks to j0mar)

Note: dun po sa right softkey default is contacts, pakipalitan na lang po just choose the menu icon of symbian belle from right selection applications

September 22, 2011

New Theme Effects (Bursting Hole by Kandongango17-match the cfw name "Blink" see for yourself )
Default fonts set back to normal size
New signal and battery icon (modded by Me)
Hacked - Installserver mod by vova1609 (removed check for built-in apps when installing)
New notification and widgets mod by drakulaboy and edited by Me 
Last Played icon on Music Player fixed (thanks to Ran for the file)
New built-in applications icon (thanks to Refsuj06)
New call dialer icon (modded by Me)
Changed wallpaper of deafult theme (Grass picture, cool to eyesight)
Edited N8 touch sense UI
Music player mod for exit on menu
Gallery Mod - Images gallery won't search video files in "Videos" folder (make your own folder name in your MMC)
Note: You may edit the file (to include more folder names so that they will be excluded by the phone's gallery)
0x1 string - for C drive
0x2 string - for E drive

September 03, 2011

Touch Vibration Fixed added
N9 icons mix with anna icons (thanks to vova1609)
New 4g signal icon (mod by me)
Memory icon ( credits to djraz)
Calls Person Icon S^3 Anna by DjRaz
S^3 Icon in Contatcs (anna icon mod by me, thanks also to djraz)
3 dots dialer icon
N8 Touch Sense S^3 Belle by DjRaz
Ui acceleration n8 by DjRaz
Open and Close Apps Speed N8 by DjRaz
Improved Rotation Speed N8 by DjRaz
Tactile feedback in calls (v2)by DjRaz
Report Menu HeadPhones For c6 by DjRaz
Anna Notification by Aky
New theme wallpaper 9 lay-out by me)
New startup nad shutdown image (lay-out by me)
Equalizer presets by Jhao (requested by refsuj06)

August 20, 2011

Added battery mod
Removed mini qwerty on keyboard (thanks to Kandongango17 for the file) 
Improved touch sensitivity (now have a more responsive touchscreen phone) 
Dialer icon change to Yinyang
"Videos & TV" name on menu change to "Videos" only Change cpu and game frame rate to 25 x 75 %
Removed mailbox on messaging
Profile "General" change to "Blink|Mirage"
Music Stopper name of editor change to Blink|Mirage also

August 11, 2011

Battery landscape mod (mod by me)
Faster scrolling in Music player
Decrease preview on theme
Msg viewer and editor Font size is set to small by default
Music player Heap size n Playback volume
N8 touch sense (feel the N8 UI) Show sim contacts by default
Music stopper already integrated to music player SS
Changed dialer to Yinyang icon
Default call volume increased to 80 and 100 in internal and loudspeaker

Please Note:
1. Before Flashing please delete folders Private, Data, Resource, Sys, System and any other folders from Memory Card (Clean Flashing)
2. After successful flashing, wait for seconds until all the widgets are loaded to the homescreen.
3. MediaBar would not start at first boot. You need to restart your phone once.
4. Do a hard reset after flashing if necessary or desired

If you want core for Dalmatian use this link:
Dalmation core by binh24

Attached also are some wallpapers

Special thanks to Symbianize, PNHT and DM modders, THANKS to all of YOU guys

Quoted from devilbats17 from Symbianize. 



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