Sunday, October 16, 2011


Posted by vonne at 1:16 AM

5800 RM-356 v52.0.101

Screen Shots

Special Thanks to Symbianize Modders, DM, PNHT and to the whole CFW makers and users

thanks to devilbats and drigz

Credits to Yoggie1126
Change Logs:

October 17, 2011

For 5800 Users Only

1. New Icons [credits to refsu06]

2. UPDATED NO BUGS Symbian Belle Navi Bar [credits to jomar, badvlad, furcom, babu.rajiv2007 and to me ]

3. NokiaBrowser with Navi Bar [credits to evildeath007of DM and badvlad]

4. END

October 10, 2011

For 5800 Users Only

1. NO BUGS Symbian Belle Navi Bar [credits to jomar, badvlad, furcom, babu.rajiv2007 and to me ]

2. New set of Anna Icons [credits to refsuj06 and johnrey22]

3. New Anna Icon for QuickOffice [credits to silver_ice]

4. No "message" in write message

5. Default Date changed to 10.10.2011

6. Show Open Apps is back

7. Different Photos Icon in Home Screen and in Menu [I'll fix the icon when you hold the menu and photos is open, i don't know the entry]

October 02, 2011

1. show sim contacts by default

2. slide to unlock on landscape

3. notification widget remod by me

4. shortmultitap

5. micro sd icon on file manager

6. new theme effects! [belle effects remod by me]

7. new splashscreen 

8. n8 touch sense

9. pop up fader [by devilbats17]

10. belle wallpaper pack [located on third post]

11. new apps icons [by refsuj]

September 06, 2011

iphone like kinetic scroll

new super cool battery mod by devilbats

visual mods by djraz

n9 icons used

killme, memory check, dictionary, and quick office integrated

swipe to unlock changed to slide to unlock mod by me

dark steel theme by default

theme effects mod by me "Bursting Black Hole"

cross dialer

original media bar

new anna notification

menu arrange by me

the rest of the mods are the same with other cfw 
Good to Know
For boot screen, follow this path.





For saving path of files, follow this path.

Images = e\images

Music,mp3 = e\music

Videos = e\videos
Credits to kandongango17 if Symbianize


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