Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reset Windows Admin Password using Active Password Changer

Posted by vonne at 10:40 PM
This is 100% working.. But still do this method at your own risk,


1.“Bootable Disk Creator” screen will be displayed

2.Select the removable drive to format from the ‘Removable’ drop down list. You can either select a Floppy Disk Drive or USB drive from the drop down list.
3.To add support for USB or CD-ROM drives, select the appropriate checkboxes under ‘Additional Drivers’ (shown below).

4.Ensure that a floppy disk or USB drive is inserted in the selected Removable drive.
5.Click the [START] button. The disk creation process will start. The screen (shown below) will be displayed with a progress bar. To interrupt or to discontinue disk creation click the [STOP] button.

6.The following screen is displayed upon successful completion of disk creation. The bootable disk contains the Active@ Password Changer installation files and USB/CD-ROM support files if selected.

7.Click the [CLOSE] button to complete the disk creation process.

-Program start-

Boot from the floppy, USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM.
• Active Password Changer program starts automatically.
o If not run Active@ Password Changer by typing this command, along with [Enter]:

• Press the [1], [2] or [3] key for the action you want to perform.
• Press [Esc] to exit the program.

Logical Drive Selection
- If you chose the first option on the Options screen you may select a particular volume to scan for a SAM database.

- Press the [0]…[9] key to select a particular volume to be scanned, or the [A] key to

scan all volumes
- Press [Enter] to perform the default action (scan all volumes).

SAM Selection
- If only one SAM database is detected, press [ENTER] to get users information:

- If several SAM databases are detected you will be asked to choose the one you want

to view or edit:

- Press the [0] … [9] key for a particular SAM database based on the appropriate database location and volume information.

User Selection
- After the SAM database is scanned, a list of defined local users will be displayed:

- Press the [0] … [9] key to display information for a specific user
- Press [PgUp] or [PgDown] to scroll the list of users.
Please note:
- The primary (built-in) Administrator is displayed in Cyan,
- Other users who have Administrator privileges are displayed in Green; or, Dark Green if their account has been disabled
- Users who don't have Administrator privileges are displayed in White; or, Grey if their account has been disabled

Password Reset and changing account parameters
- After you select a specific user account you can see the account information:

- Active@ Password Changer shows the account's current settings in one column and the recommended settings in another;
- If you want to accept the recommended settings, and clear the password, just press [Y] to do that.
- You can also choose to change the new settings to something other than the recommended default values. To do this, use the Up and Down arrows keys to select a setting to be changed, and press the [Space] bar to enable or disable it.

- To view and change permitted logon days and hours press the [PgDn] key:


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