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[FREE INTERNET] OpenVPN SCRIPT: Fast and Easy Installation of Android OpenVPN

Posted by vonne at 2:27 AM
If you have a hard time installing OpenVPN in your Android Device, maybe this could help. This is a script/program that will perform the step by step processes in installing OpenVPN found in sir cmangalos' tutorial. I made this for faster and easier installation of OpenVPN in our Android devices.

The script will perform the following for you.

1. Check whether you have busybox installed and locate where it is.
2. Create the bb folder and link all the files needed (e.g. ifconfig, route).
3. Check whether you have tun.ko module and locate where it is.
4. Install the OpenVPN binaries.
5. Install OpenVPN Settings app if you have none.


Rooted Android Device
Terminal Emulator
BusyBox (pre-installed in custom roms)
tun.ko module (kernel-specific)
Prepaid SIM Cards
PhP9.00 to PhP1.00 airtime balance for Smart Subcribers
PhP4.00 to zero load balance for Globe Users

Access Points:

APN: internet



! REMINDERS (Must Read):

1. Don't edit/rename anything inside the extracted folder including the folder name itself.
2. When the script is being executed, don't touch the screen (keypad) until the pound key (#) shows up.
3. At the middle of the execution of the script, it will show the location of your tun.ko module,
REMEMBER it 'coz it will be needed in the next processes.
4. If your handset reboots, you are successful in installing OpenVPN in your phone.
5. Configure the OpenVPN after reboot .


1. There should be no openvpn folder at the root of your sd card. Remove if there's any.
2. Download and extract it at the root of your SD Card.
3. OpenVPN folder should now be present at the root of your SD Card (/sdcard/OpenVPN).
4. Check the contents of the folder. Three files should be seen the moment you open the folder.
There should be no another OpenVPN folder inside.
5. Download and install Terminal Emulator if you don't have one,
open and issue the following commands (tap enter at the end of every line):

cd /sdcard/openvpn

! If you can't input texts in the Terminal Emulator:
Opent it, Press Menu >> Preferences >> Input Method >> Word-
>> Press Back >> Press Menu >> Toggle Soft Keyboard.. 

If you have been prompted to install busybox,
1. Download and install BusyBoxInstaller.apk.
2. Launch BusyBox Installer, tap OK and tap allow for SuperUser prompt.
3. Choose your busybox version and the location where to install it.
4. Tap Install to install BusyBox and other binaries.
! You may uninstall BusyBox Installer after the installation process.

If you have been prompted of your tun.ko, you can get it here,
thanks to sir HHubs and sir parasmi. Copy it to /sdcard/OpenVPN.

If your handset reboots, you're halfway done.


1. From your apps, launch OpenVPN Settings app.
2. Press Menu and Tap Advanced.
3. Tap TUN module settings.
4. Check Load tun kernel module.
5. Tap Load module using.
6. Select insmod.
7. Tap Path to tun module.
8. Key in the location of your tun.ko module which was given by the script.

8.1 If your tun.ko is in /system/lib/modules, key in /system/lib/modules/tun.ko

8.2 If your tun.ko is in /sdcard/openvpn, key in /sdcard/openvpn/tun.ko



Make sure you have G, E, 3G, or H signal on top of your screen.

Connection Flow should be:
Connecting >> Unknown >> Wait >> Auth >> Get config >> Add Routes >>
Assign IP >> Connected to as,
where is an assigned IP Value.

You should have an assigned IP for you to be able to connect to the internet.
(Connected to as, where is an IP Value.


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