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[CFW] - P®odigy^06™ 5800 RM-356 V52.0.101 & V60.0.003 | C6 V40.0.021

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P®odigy^06™ 5800 RM-356 V52.0.101 & V60.0.003 | C6 V40.0.021
by refsuj06 of Symbianize

From CFW Optimum, Blink Mirage, Fuzion, CS 1.5

Special thanks to DM, PNHT, Symbianize Modders, Devilbats17, Kandongango17, Jomar, Drigz, Ash103, Silver_ice, Johnrey22, Badvlad, jhaorosario01

5800 RM-356 V60.0.003

- RM-356 V60.0.003
- Glossy Anna Icon pack PRO (Messaging,Logs,Setting,etc.)
- New default themes (Brown by DjRaz)
- New Emoticons in 6 page symbols (4th Page)
- Default Mediabar background
- Animated Note Icons
- Red Popup Fader
- Last Play (Glossy Anna Icon)
- Music Player Default Album (Glossy Anna)




P®odigy^06™ 5800 RM-356 V60.0.003 Default Theme

5800 RM-356 V52.0.101

CFW Name: P®odigy^06™
Model : Nokia 5800
Supported RM's : RM-356 (v52)
Base Firmware : C6 v40.0.021
Language : English Only

RAM Management
Start up RAM : 56MB+
Heavy Usage : 45-48MB

Visual Mod
- Exclusive PiedPRO Icon Pack Thanks to IND190, Daeva112, JOMAR, & ME
- CS 1.5 Default Theme re-MOD by Me
- Colored Mediabar icons (Music,Photos,Share Online,Videos,Web)
- Transparetn Mediabar Background Thanks to Jomar
- Show Open Apps With icon (S60 Logo)
- CS 1.5 Default SplashScreen Thanks to Sir Drigz
- Optimum Default BootScreen thanks to Sir Ash103
- 4x4 Menu grid
- 6x2 Landscape

Widget Homescreen
- Clock/Profile
- Notification
- Music Player
- Shortcut 1 (Messaging,Contact,Web,Menu)
- Added option in left selection Options key on homescreen by j0mar
- Right selection key Set to KeyLock
- Single Dot Dialler Icon

- Press/Hold "0" Bluetooth Swicth ON/OFF
- Number "0" Icon change to Bluetooth

Music Player MOD
- Default Icon on the music player widget (go to music)
- Last Played icon on Music Player
- Music Player Default Album
- Shuffle play ON by Default
- Repeat all by Default
- +Pumpin Beat Preset for Music EQ thanks to jhaorosario01
- Music Volume set to 70%

Default date set to Dec. 25, 2011
Nokia Browser
Use S^3 Font
Smiley's in 6th Page v2 by thegamer007
Shutdown and Restart symbols added when pressing power button
Drigz's Premium Page Symbols working with Emoticons for 6v40
Tap to Unlock with Notification FIX
Smiley's Size Increased credits to jomar
Landscape icon spacing by Devilbats17
Theme Effects OFF by Default
Sensor ON by Default
Blink|Mirage Battery MOD thanks to Devilbats17
New Touch UI credits to johnrey22
Gallery Mod (CS 1.5) thanks to Sir Drigz
New notification Icon thanks to Jomar
Theme Effects Thanks to Sir Ash103
Calls Person Icon S^3 Anna by DjRaz
Improved Rotation Speed N8 by DjRaz
Touch Vibration OFF by Default
Show sim contacts by default
Music stopper Integrated to music player
Photo Browser Integrated to Photos
Pop up fader by devilbats17
Nokia Maps 3.06
N8 Smileys
Green Light ON while Charging
No "Message:" anymore when typing
Office folder name change to Organizer
Maps folder name change to Navigation

Built-In Application's
- Auto Installer
- KeyLock
- Nokia File Browser
- BTswitch
- Zip Manager
- KillMe
- MemCheck
- SuperShot
- PhoneTorch
- 3D Photo Browser
- ROM Patcher
- RAMblow 1.31

Removed application's
- Ovi Store
- Ovi Sync
- Ovi Contacts
- Ovi Music
- Quick Office
- Phone Switch
- Help
- Voice Command
- About
- Drawing

Path for media files
Images = e\images\
Music,mp3 = e\music\
Videos = e\videos\

Please Note: (by Devilbats17)
1. Before Flashing please delete folders Private, Data, Resource, Sys, System and any other folders from Memory Card (Clean Flashing)
2. After successful flashing, wait for seconds until all the widgets are loaded to the homescreen.
3. MediaBar would not start at first boot. You need to restart your phone once.
4. Do a hard reset after flashing if necessary or desired



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