Sunday, January 1, 2012


Posted by vonne at 1:46 AM

black uc icon!!
"beta" on splash screen removed!!
neat images on splash, no lines on layers!!
240x400 for full touch available!!
renamed as version 8.0.4

connection settings:

use MyGlobe connect

Handler's Setting:
front query:


Method 1(cancel initializing...)
1. open application with MGC gprs settings
2. uncheck Show on Start checkbox, and enter the FRONT QUERY: ,check Remove Port checkbox
3. the prompt will show "initializing" cancel twice until you end up on UC home or Desktop page
4. go to settings, menu, choose clear data, choose ok to proceed
5. exit application and reopen.
6. cancel initializing(cancel once), wait till installation finish, or if stuck, repeat 3-5

Method 2(WIFI):

1. set your network connection settings, use WIFI on application connection.
2. open application(dont put anything on handler settings)
3. click or choose save
4. after choosing save, the prompt will be click or choose language (click any english or your preferred language)
5. the installation will end up on UC home Desktop page
6. go to handler settings, uncheck Show on Start checkbox, and enter the FRONT QUERY:,
check Remove Port checkbox
7. click save and exit application
8. change connection settings to myglobe Connect
9. open application

Preference settings (on UC settings):
Download block: 5M (5mb lng kc hindi maayos pagkaencode sa 10mb above, cguro hnd sila parehas sa coding ng mismong UC, mas stable to)
check proxy server checkbox
proxy server: (CGI PROXY)
Use proxy to visit domains below:

Download Here 
Note : Remove the ".zip" from the file name.


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