Monday, November 22, 2010

Series 40

Posted by vonne at 7:48 AM
Series 40 nokia phones are basically the
most simple, when it comes to functionalities and capabilities compared to Nokia s60 phones, who are on the otherhand, are more complex in structure and functionalities. Because of its simplicity, S40 Nokia phones are more responsive. Multitasking is the ability of s60 phones which s40 phones cannot perform.

* Communication Applications
- Telephone
- Internet Telephony(Voice Over Internet Protocol)
- Messaging
- Email Client with POP and IMAP4 capabilities
- Web Browser

*Media Applications
- Camera
- Voice Recorder
- Music/Video Player
- Fm Radio

One of the most common difference between s40 phones and s60 phones is that s40 phone's default location for files transferred over Bluetooth is the Gallery. On the otherhand, with the same situation, s60 phone's default location is their Inbox.

*Web Browser
The built-in web browser of s40 phones provides access to most web contents through the service provider's XHTML/HTML gateway. To enhance your web browsing experience, you can run several web browsers available like Opera Mini, Bolt, UCWEB,etc. Series 40 phones do not support multitasking,unlike s60's,and because of that it's user interface are much more responsive and faster than other Nokia Platforms.

1. Series 40

To see your phone's specifications, CLICK HERE and type your phone model on the quick search box and press Enter.


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