Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reflash - Openline - C3303K Samsung Champ

Posted by vonne at 1:19 AM
Before reading this post, make sure that you are in a good condition. Forget about your problems cause it would somehow be a factor why you failed to do this reflashing. Be confident, chillax. Let's start!

We need the following before we start the main process.
Prepare the Phone Driver for Flashing.
1. Turn OFF Phone.
2. Connect MicroUSB to Champ.
3. Press Volume Down + Lock key then connect USB Cable to PC.
4. Install driver (Driver can be found on C3300K_Flash_loader_7.4.4_SSG_v0.5 folder, 52xdfu)(Manual install it using device manager)

When installed, get ready.

  1. Run Flash loader 7.4.4_SSG_v0.5.exe
  2. Click SET MODEL -> Select C3300_LIBRE_Setting_v02.mdl

  3. Check Application binary file -> browse for C3300KJP.ptt (From the C3303KJPJI2 folder)

  4. Check TFS File -> Browse for C3303KJPJI2.tfs

  5. Check CSC File -> Browse for C3303KOJPJI1.csc

  6. Click Star.
  7. Turn OFF Phone.
  8. Connect MicroUSB to Champ.
  9. Press Volume Down + Lock key then connect USB Cable to PC
  10. Wait the flashing finished.
    (During the Flashing, your phone is off, then when the flashing is finish, you can see the your phone is charging.
  11. Remove from USB. Turn on the Phone, Check if success. If not try again. Don't loose hope.:) 
Good Luck.
Do at your own risk. Not my responsibility for the Possible Damage can be made to your Phone.

After the flashing..
1st: I got a 4 page menu, -4th page is about koran~qibla ..//
3rd: I also got the choco cooky font type
4th : I got eng dictionary
5th: Also got handwriting recognition, yey
6th: 6 pre-installed games, note: can be deleted all-no lock icon
7th: Call Answering Machine
8th: My Champ is much cooler than yours, 'yet'.
9th: Space button now under number 9, dati under ng backspace.
10th: No more qwerty keyboard



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